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Title A pictorial history of psychology / edited by Wolfgang G. Bringmann ... [and others].
Imprint Chicago : Quintessence Pub., [1997]

Subject Psychology -- History -- Pictorial works.
Alt Name Bringmann, Wolfgang G.
Lück, Helmut E. Illustrierte Geschichte der Psychologie. Selections. English.
Description xix, 636 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
Note Includes translated chapters from: Illustrierte Geschichte der Psychologie, by Helmut E. Luck and Rudolf Miller, published in 1993.
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Contents The beginnings -- From psychophysics to behaviorism -- Gestalt psychology -- Human development and personality -- Psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and abnormal psychology -- Growth of branches -- International developments.
ISBN 0867152923
086715330X (softcover)
OCLC # 34967893
Table of Contents
 Foreword / Rudolf Arnheim 
 Preface to the German Edition / Helmut E. Luck, Rudolf Miller 
 Aristotle and Psychology / Daniel N. Robinson3
 The Inner Senses: A Medieval Theory of Cognitive Functioning in the Ventricles of the Brain / Simon Kemp8
 Psychologia, [actual symbol not reproducible] Psychology / Gustav A. Ungerer, Wolfgang G. Bringmann13
 Christian Thomasius: A Man Ahead of His Time / Paul McReynolds19
 The Witchcraze in 17th-Century Europe / Charles W. Clark23
 Physiognomy, Phrenology, and Non-Verbal Communication / Jurgen Jahnke30
 Goethe as an Early Behavior Therapist / Wolfgang G. Bringmann, Ursula Voss, William D. G. Balance35
 An 18th-Century Baby Biography / Wolfgang G. Bringmann, Pegge Hewett, Gustav A. Ungerer37
 Gnothi Sauton: The Journal of Experiential Psychology / Jurgen Jahnke42
 Johannes Muller and the Principle of Sensory Metamorphosis / Herbert Fitzek46
 Charles Darwin and Psychology / Joseph F. Fitzpatrick, Wolfgang G. Bringmann51
 Galton's Hat and the Invention of Intelligence Tests / Raymond E. Fancher53
 Metaphors of Memory: The Case of Photography / Douwe Draaisma56
 Brentano: Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint / Elisabeth Baumgartner, Wilhelm Baumgartner61
 William James: America's Premier Psychologist / Klaus Jurgen Bruder66
 Parapsychology / Eberhard Bauer71
 Clever Hans: Fact or Fiction? / Wolfgang G. Bringmann, Johannes Abresch77
 Wilhelm von Humboldt and the German University / David K. Robinson85
 Jan Evangelista Purkyne (Purkinje) / Josef Brozek, Jiri Hoskovec90
 Ernst Heinrich Weber / Horst-Peter Brauns97
 Fechner and Lotze / Anneros Meischner-Metge, Wolfram Meischner101
 Hermann von Helmholtz / Horst-Peter Brauns107
 Time-Measuring Apparatus in Psychology / Horst U. K. Gundlach111
 Wilhelm Wundt / Arthur L. Blumenthal117
 Wundt's Laboratories / Wolfgang G. Bringmann, Ursula Voss, Gustav A. Ungerer126
 Max Friedrich and the Origins of Experimental Psychology / Peter J. Behrens133
 Wilhelm Wundt: The American Connection / Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr.140
 Wilhelm Wundt's "Volkerpsychologie" / Gustav Jahoda148
 Edward Bradford Titchener (1867-1927) / Ryan D. Tweney153
 Wilhelm Wirth and the Psychophysical Seminar of Leipzig / Christina Schroder162
 Hermann Ebbinghaus / Hans Jurgen Lander167
 G. E. Muller: The Third Pillar of Experimental Psychology / Peter J. Behrens171
 The Wurzburg School of Psychology / Wolfgang G. Mack177
 The Experimental Analysis of Volition / Heinz-Dieter Schmalt182
 Margaret Floy Washburn / Ronda J. Carpenter187
 Can Apes Learn a Human Language? / B. Michael Thorne191
 Behaviorism / Robert H. Wozniak198
 B. F. Skinner: Maverick, Inventor, Behaviorist, Critic / Steven R. Coleman206
 A Purposive Behaviorist: Edward C. Tolman / Nancy K. Innis214
 The Heretical Psychology of Egon Brunswik / Elke M. Kurz, Ryan D. Tweney221
 Psychological Experiments / Kurt Danziger, Paul Ballantyne233
 Ernst Mach and the Perception of Movement / Michael Ley243
 Carl Stumpf / Helga Sprung247
 The Graz School of Gestalt Psychology / Reinhard Fabian251
 Gertrude Stein, William James, and Pablo Picasso's Cubism / Marianne L. Teuber256
 The Psychologist Robert Musil / Annette Daigger265
 The Berlin School of Gestalt Psychology / Lothar Sprung, Helga Sprung268
 Gestalt Psychology at Frankfurt University / Viktor Sarris273
 Wolfgang Kohler / Siegfried Jaeger277
 Kurt Lewin - Filmmaker / Helmut E. Luck282
 Roger Barker's Ecological Psychology / Gerhard Kaminski288
 The Mental Life of Newborn Children / Wolfgang G. Bringmann, William D. G. Balance, Norma J. Bringmann295
 G. Stanley Hall and American Psychology / Charles E. Early, Wolfgang G. Bringmann, Michael W. Bringmann301
 Alfred Binet and the Quest for Testing Higher Mental Functioning / Jacqueline L. Cunningham309
 The Beginnings of Educational Psychology in Germany / Paul Probst315
 William Stern / Wilfred Schmidt322
 Maria Montessori / Elena Liotta326
 Lewis M. Terman: Architect for a Psychologically Stratified Society / Henry L. Minton329
 Martha Muchow's Concept of Lifespace / Rudolf Miller337
 Jean Piaget / Horst Heidbrink342
 The Vienna School of Developmental Psychology / Brigitte A. Rollett348
 Lev Semyonovich Vygotsky / Rene van der Veer352
 Gordon W. Allport: A Becoming Personality / Alvin H. Smith356
 George A. Kelly and the Development of Personal Construct Theory / Robert A. Neimeyer, Thomas T. Jackson364
 Projective Techniques / Peter van Drunen373
 A True TAT Story / Jurgen Jahnke, Wesley G. Morgan376
 Classical Psychopathology / Giuseppe Roccatagliata383
 Sigmund Freud: A Biographical Sketch / Ernst Federn391
 Freud's Only Visit to America / Saul Rosenzweig395
 The Case of Little Hans / L. Dodge Fernald399
 Lou Andreas-Salome: Feminist and Psychoanalyst / Inge Weber, Ursula Welsch406
 Psychoanalysts in Caricatures / Helmut E. Luck413
 Alfred Adler / Almuth Bruder-Bezzel, Rudiger Schiferer416
 Georg Groddeck / Herbert Will420
 Carl Gustav Jung / Angela Graf-Nold424
 Erich Fromm / Rainer Funk431
 A Brief History of Child Sexual Abuse / Catalina M. Arata435
 Psychology and the Nuremberg Trials / Bridget O. Hannahan, Wolfgang G. Bringmann441
 Suicidology / Antoon A. Leenaars448
 Anti-Psychiatry and Anti-History: "Nailing Jelly to the Wall" / Michael J. Kral, Karen L. Marrero, Brian R. Burke454
 Lightner Witmer: The First Clinical Psychologist / Paul McReynolds465
 Hugo Munsterberg: Pioneer of Applied Psychology / Helmut E. Luck, Wolfgang G. Bringmann471
 The Origins of the Psychology of Testimony / Siegfried Ludwig Sporer476
 Psychotechnics / Peter van Drunen480
 Sports Psychology / Gunther Baumler485
 On Telling Left from Right: The Apparatus of Handedness in Early American Psychology / Maria F. Ippolito, Ryan D. Tweney490
 Lillian M. Gilbreth / Philip M. Bartle501
 Traffic Psychology / Hartmut Hacker, Wilfried Echterhoff503
 The Mobile Psychologist: Psychology and the Railroads / Horst U. K. Gundlach506
 Industrial Psychology / Gerd Wiendieck510
 Advertising Psychology / Gerd Wiendieck514
 The History of Psychology / Charles E. Early, Wolfgang G. Bringmann518
 Psychological Journals / Helio Carpintero529
 Psychological Associations and Societies / Horst U. K. Gundlach536
 Psychology in the Netherlands / Pieter J. van Strien541
 French Psychology / Regine Plas548
 German Military Psychology / Ulfried Geuter553
 Psychology in Spain / Enrique Lafuente557
 Academic Psychology in Prague / Josef Brozek, Jiri Hoskovec562
 Experimental Psychology in Hungary / Gyorgy Kiss568
 Russian Psychology / Vladimir P. Zinchenko572
 Early Italian Psychology / Nino Dazzi, Luciano Mecacci577
 Psychology in Latin America / Hannes Stubbe, Ramon Leon582
 A History of Popular Psychology Magazines in America / Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr., William H. M. Bryant585
 American Cognitive Psychology / Robert R. Hoffman594
 The Archives of the History of American Psychology / John A. Popplestone, Marion White McPherson599
 Psychology in Canada / Wilfred Schmidt610
 Name Index617
 Subject Index627
 Illustration Credits633

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